Video Codec In Matlab Assignment Homework Help

A Video Codec is an electronic circuit or software that compresses or decompresses digital video. It converts raw (uncompressed) digital video to a compressed format or vice-versa. In telecommunications, a device that encodes or decodes a signal in the context of video compression, "codec" is a concatenation of "encoder" and "decoder"—a device that only compresses is typically called an encoder, and one that only decompresses is a decoder. Video codecs are used in DVD and video CD players and recorders; video broadcast systems, personal computers, and a variety of other applications.

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Following is the list of topics in Video Codec in which our experts provide help with:

  • Add-drop multiplexer
  • Audio signal processing
  • Beta encoder
  • Bit-synchronous operation
  • Central Office Multiplexing
  • Codec (encoder-decoder)
  • Comparison of audio coding formats
  • Comparison of container formats
  • Comparison of video editing software
  • Computer display standards
  • Data signaling rate
  • Flicker fusion threshold
  • Graphics display resolution
  • Lossless data compression
  • Measuring network throughput
  • Moving image formats
  • Multidimensional sampling
  • Open source codecs and containers
  • Optical add-drop multiplexer
  • Orders of magnitude (bit rate)
  • Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing
  • Perceptual Evaluation of Video Quality
  • Pixel density of Computer displays
  • Resolution independence
  • Sample rate conversion
  • Statistical multiplexing
  • Subjective video quality
  • Time-lapse photography

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