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The Transfer Function is a convenient representation of a linear time invariant dynamical system. Mathematically the transfer function is a function of complex variables. For finite dimensional systems the transfer function is simply a rational function of a complex variable. The transfer function can be obtained by inspection or by simple algebraic manipulations of the differential equations that describe the systems. Transfer functions can describe systems of very high order, even infinite dimensional systems governed by partial differential equations. The transfer function of a system can be determined from experiments on a system.

The transfer function of a control system is defined as the ration of the Laplace transform of the output variable to Laplace transform of the input variable assuming all initial conditions to be zero.

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Following is the list of topics in Transfer Functions in which our experts provide help with:

  • Determination of poles and zeroes
  • Duhamel's principle
  • Nyquist plots and Nichols plots
  • Obtaining state-space model from transfer function
  • Operational amplifier
  • Proper & Optical transfer function
  • Partial Fraction Expansion
  • Rosenbrock system matrix
  • Signal-flow graph
  • Series and Parallel Transfer Functions
  • Shift and Convolution Theorems
  • ZTransform of Difference Equations

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