Study Wave Characteristics

Wave Characteristics are the fundamental thing in order to solve any problem regarding wave characteristics. MATLAB can be used to plot, sample, study and calculate various wave characteristics such as amplitude, frequency, phase, etc. Student needs to have sufficient command over the study of these characteristics because most of the clues to solve the problem lie in the wave characteristics. The characteristics of sine wave are studied by the help of simulink in any matlab programs. Also these simulink programs are analysis and carried out by the help of many matlab programs.

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Following is the list of topics under Study Wave Characteristics which is prepared after detailed analysis of courses taught in multiple universities across the globe:

  • Amplitude of a sine wave
  • Frequency of a sine wave
  • MALTAB sine wave frequency
  • MATLAB sine wave amplitude
  • MATLAB sine wave plot of n cycles
  • MATLAB sine wave radian frequency
  • Phase of a sine wave