Simulink Report Generator

Simulink Report Generator helps design and generates richly formatted Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, HTML, and PDF reports from Simulink models and simulations. Using the Simulink Report Generator we can compare models, review comparison results in an interactive XML report, merge model differences, and create difference reports. The report generator automatically creates artifacts for Model-Based Design, such as system design descriptions, generated code, requirements traceability, and testing reports. It can produce artifacts for DO-178, ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and related industry standards. An interactive rendition of your model can be generated for viewing in a web browser. includes the best Simulink Report Generator MATLAB tutors who are well versed of the fact that documentation is an integral part of MATLAB projects; hence they provide very high quality report along with the MATLAB code to all the Simulink Report Generator assignments and Simulink Report Generator homeworks. Our Simulink Report Generator helpers and Simulink Report Generator solvers also help students in making Matlab presentation. We even provide free online skype session with the experts so that you can understand the concept easily. Following is the extensive list of topics under Simulink Report Generator in which we provide high quality unique solutions.

  • Automated Reporting of Simulink and Stateflow Models      
  • Comparing and Merging Simulink Models      
  • Creating Custom Reports          
  • Customizing Models for a System Design Description Report         
  • Exporting Web Views    
  • Formatting Reports Based on Microsoft Word and HTML Templates       
  • Generating a System Design Description Report       
  • Merge Simulink Models From the Comparison Report         
  • Report Generator-Based Test Management Example           
  • Resolve Conflicts with Simulink Three-Way Merge   
  • Simulink XML Comparison        
  • Testing a Wing Flutter Suppression System Design  
  • Understanding a System Design Description Report