SimDriveline in MATLAB

SimDriveline software is a block diagram modeling environment for the engineering design and simulation of drivelines, or idealized power train systems. SimDriveline provides tools for the user to model and simulate one-dimensional mechanical systems with certain degrees of translational and rotational freedom. SimDriveline is the feature of Simulink. It offers large number of tools to the users through which a user can model or reproduce mechanical systems of one dimension according to the fixed degrees of rotational and translational freedom. Simscape Driveline helps you develop control systems and test system-level performance. You can create custom component models with the MATLAB based Simscape language, which enables text-based authoring of physical modeling components, domains, and libraries. In the field of Matlab, SimDriveline is mainly focusing on studying and reproducing of the processes of mechanical power in the industrial appliances. The processes of mechanical power include conversion and transmission.

Following is the list of topics under SimDriveline which is prepared after detailed analysis of courses taught in multiple universities across the globe:

  • Analyzing Results
  • Clutches and Transmissions
  • Converting to C Code
  • Gears and Drives
  • Sharing Models
  • Simscape Platform
  • Tires and Engines