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Following is the list of topics under Sim Electronics which is prepared after detailed analysis of courses taught in multiple universities across the globe:

  • Actuators and Drivers
  • Analyzing Systems
  • Available output models
  • Converting to C Code
  • Creating Custom Components
  • Deploying Models
  • Electrical behavior depending on temperature
  • Equivalent model of a spice netlist
  • Faults and Losses
  • Modeling Electronic Systems
  • Modeling Mechatronics Systems
  • Netlist
  • Numerical performance
  • Output model for logic blocks
  • Overview and Key Features of SimElectronics
  • Parameter tuning against external data
  • Parameterizing a piecewise linear diode model
  • Parameterizing an exponential diode from a datasheet
  • Parameterizing an exponential diode from spice
  • Parameterizing an op amp from a datasheet
  • Parameterizing blocks from
  • Passive and Active Devices
  • Quadratic model output and parameters
  • Semiconductor Devices
  • Sharing Models
  • Simscape Platform
  • Simulating Models
  • Thermal effects in rotational and translational actuators
  • Thermal effects in semiconductors
  • Thermal mass parameterization
  • Thermal model for actuator blocks
  • Thermal model for semiconductor blocks
  • Validation using data from spice tool

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