Real Time Windows Target

Real-Time Windows Target is a PC solution for prototyping and testing real-time systems. It is an environment where you use a single computer as a host and target. It helps the user to analyze the utility of programs and modules synthesized by assessing their workload on a typical user’s Windows traffic, and its effect on the complexity of the algorithm. ┬áReal-Time Application The real-time application runs in real time on your PC computer and has the following characteristics: 1. Compiled code, 2. Relation to your Simulink model, 3. Relation to the kernel, 4. Checksum

Following is the list of topics under Real-Time Windows Target which is prepared after detailed analysis of courses taught in multiple universities across the globe:

  • Advanced Procedures
    • I/O Boards
    • I/O Driver Blocks
    • Real-Time Windows Target Library
    • Analog Input & Output Block
    • Digital Input & Output Block
    • Counter & Encoder Input Block
  • Installation and Configuration
    • Required Products
    • System Requirements
    • Real-Time Windows Target
    • Testing the Installation
  • Basic Procedures
    • Simulink Model
    • Creating a Simulink Model
    • Entering Configuration Parameters for Simulink
    • Entering Scope Parameters for Signal Tracing
    • Running a Non-Real-Time Simulation
    • Specifying a Default Real-Time Windows Target
    • Configuration Set
    • Real-Time Application
    • Signal Logging to the MATLAB Workspace
    • Signal Logging to a Disk Drive
  • Parameter Tuning