Discrete Event Simulation

Discrete Event Simulation is used to simulate components which normally operate at a higher level of abstraction than components simulated by continuous simulators.

Common applications of DES include:

  • Better assess hardware and software requirements
  • Better manage inventory levels, personnel, communications systems, and equipment
  • Evaluating potential financial investments, and modeling procedures
  • Explore opportunities for new procedures or methods without disrupting the current system
  • Improve financial forecasting
  • Improve visibility into the effect of a system or process change
  • Increase profitability through overall improved operations 
  • Processes in various industries, such as manufacturing and healthcare
  • Reduce delivery times
  • Stress testing

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Following is the list of topics in Discrete Event Simulation in which our experts provide help with:

  • Autonomous agents
  • Characteristics of communication networks
  • Communication networks
  • Customize queues
  • Design distributed control systems
  • Electronics applications
  • Event-driven processes
  • Hardware architectures
  • Manufacturing, operations
  • Mission plans
  • Model process flows
  • Optimize end-to-end latencies
  • Optimize supply chains
  • Packet loss
  • Perform capacity planning
  • Prioritization schemes
  • Processing delays
  • Routing algorithms
  • Sensor
  • Simulate hybrid systems
  • Stages of a manufacturing process
  • Time-based, event-based, agent-based components

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